6th Stripe Hog Purchase for Loyal Customer

Roadline Removal recently purchased their Sixth Stripe Hog®. Andy Costi explains why they love Waterblasting Technologies and the Stripe Hog Waterblasting System…Oh, So, Much!!Customer Buys 6th Stripe Hog SH8000

“We love working with Waterblasting Technologies, and we especially love their trucks. In fact, we just purchased our sixth Stripe Hog this month. We love that Waterblasting Technologies designs a compact machine that can carry everything on one truck. Waterblasting Technologies trucks are “bomb proof” meaning that they are easy to maintain and service. One of the unique selling propositions of our business is that our service is environmentally friendly. Our business is “green” because we not only use water during the blasting process, but also because the vacuum recovery feature separates the water from the debris. Waterblasting Technologies knows no boundaries. They keep improving their products, which makes our competition take note.”

Andy Costi,

Roadline Removal