An Example of Why You Need a World Class Customer Service Team!

When you buy a water blasting system or any similar type of equipment, it is critical to your success to make sure that vendor has a customer support team that will be by your side 365/24/7. Support is important for whatever you may need whether it’s continuing education, spare parts or an upgrade to the latest and greatest innovation.

We wanted to share an example of how the Stripe Hog Customer Service team handled a critical need for an airport customer last week. Here’s the timeline of what happened.

Friday, June 19

10:30 AM – Customer service at Waterblasting Technologies receives an emergency phone call from a customer that inadvertently broke a head on their Stripe Hog machine and an FAA inspection coming up in 7 days.  Time is critical and they must be able to begin routine rubber removal that night when the runway is closed for commercial use in order to meet that inspection’s requirements.

Waterblasting Recieves Customer Service Call

10:35 AM – The needed part is assembled for the next flight out.


11:00 AM – Plane tickets are ordered.

Erin Books Flight

12:00 PM – The new part is prepared for shipping.

Load Hog Head

1:35 PM – Curtis Crocker and the new part are put on the plane to the customer.

Curtis Airport

5:30 PM – Mr. Crocker and the part arrive at the airport and begin work on the Stripe Hog.

Hog Head Rescue

11:00 PM – The Stripe Hog is now put back in working order and begins the rubber removal as scheduled!

Stripe Hog Rubber Removal Runway

When you buy a Stripe Hog,  you buy more than a machine, you buy a team of experts willing to support you 365/24/7.

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