Brand Spankin’ USED!

Is your Stripe Hog more than a couple of years old? All upgrades will increase your productivity, reduce your operating cost, and improve your bottom line. New advancements in technology ensure that the highest performance in the water blasting industry is always available to our customers; these advancements are offered as updates and are readily integrated into even our most mature models.

Some of these updates include:

  • 5-Axis Arm Upgrade
  • Tubular Head Plate Upgrade
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • OMSI Cooler Upgrade
  • Tank and Frame Upgrades
  • UHP and Blower Refit and Repair
  • Hydraulic Cooler Upgrade
  • Access Ladder Addition
  • Lighting Upgrade

Whether you need a simple paint job, minor refreshing of the major components or a complete refit. Waterblasting Technologies can make your older Stripe Hog, or any one of our competitors water blasting units, as good as new. Waterblasting Technologies has upgrade options that are more cost effective and faster than purchasing a new water ­­­blasting unit.

To find out more about upgrading and refitting your water blaster, or to learn about what options are available for your water blasting unit, contact our Customer Service Department by clicking the button below.