How to reduce your airport paint cleaning from 2 hours to 2 minutes!

Cleaning your pavement markings can:

  • Restore reflective properties
  • Eliminate the need to repaint
  • Reduce unnecessary paint build up
  • Save costs of repainting
  • Prepare the markings properly when repainting is necessary.

This very simple process of paint cleaning brightens up line markings where at an airport, or any other location with painted lines, would typically have been painted over.

In the case that new paint would need to be applied, the Stripe Hog prepares the surface within the same amount of time, allowing the surface to be properly prepared for the new paint application. If these pre-existing lines are cleaned at all prior to applying new paint, they are usually cleaned with a standard pressure washer at 5,000 psi, which would take up to 2 hours. Using the Stripe Hog, this paint cleaning process of half of the painted area only took around 2 minutes.

So instead of 2 hours of paint cleaning, the Stripe Hog would be able to completely rejuvenate these markings within 2 minutes!

Paint cleaning & rejuvenation is extremely important in order to restore reflectivity to the proper levels for pilots and drivers to see the lines clearer. The ability to clean and rejuvenate painted markings is not only a time saver but it is also cost efficient.

Using one machine operating at 20,000 psi and moving at approximately 3-4 miles per hour, paint cleaning and rejuvenation projects can be completed very quickly. The Stripe Hog is cost efficient, saving the additional cost of labor, time and the frequent purchases of new paint.

To see a demo on how the Stripe Hog Waterblasting System

can improve your operations efficiency, call 1-772-214-1714 today!

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