New, Redesigned Stripe Hog SK2000

The SK2000 is a compact Stripe Hog mounted on a skid. The skid is designed to fit on a suitable truck chassis and requires very minimal integration. In fact, the only integration necessary is a small 60cc hydraulic pump installed onto the original chassis transmission. The SK2000 is equipped with its own hydrostatic drive system for infinitely adjustable forward and reverse speed control.

Stripe Hog SK2000

This robust water blasting machine provides up to 40,000 psi (2750 bar) at 5 gpm (18.9 lpm) through a single blasting head. By adding the ST1000 water trailer you can easily increase that to an astounding 8 hours of continuous working time!

In keeping with two of our core values, visibility and ease of use, we redesigned the SK2000 so that it comes standard with its own hydraulically operated Hog Arm. Strategically placed behind the cab, this newly designed and innovative Hog Arm is factory mounted to the skid and places the blasting head conveniently in front of the operator to give an unobstructed view of the blasting path and the removal results at all times. Like all of our Stripe Hogs the operator can choose from our entire lineup of blasting head sizes to quickly and easily change to any width of marking. We knew that some customers would still want to work remotely so the SK2000 supports the HT1000 and the HT2500. Because we remain committed to sizing the blasting head to the targeted marking width, the SK2000 as well as the optional HT1000, and the HT2500 are each capable of using all of our standard sizes including 6”,8”, 9”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 22”, and 36” (15.2-91.4cm) Spray Bars.

ST1000 - WaterTrailerEquipped with the same water filtration and vacuum recovery system that is found in all of the Stripe Hogs, the SK2000 separates the water from the debris so that the debris is disposed of in a nearly dry state, while the water is filtered to 100 micron. The ingenious design of this compact unit is that it needs no debris storage tank. A specially designed platform made with slightly raised edges holds the debris bag onto our most efficient separator. Once the bag is full it is manually dumped along the work site in small, easy to manage loads. With the flip of a switch the dirty water is either pumped into a heavy duty rubber bladder inside the clean water tank or it also can be continuously drained alongside the work area on either side of the truck.


The size of this system allows for easy mobilization for the rejuvenation of painted lines, road re-texturing, removal of painted runway markings on grooved runway surfaces and the removal of runway rubber deposits.

The SK2000 is capable of cleaning and rejuvenation of the retro-reflectivity of thermoplastic and cold plastic markings, as well as simultaneous vacuum recovery which allows for the application of new markings in 20 minutes.

This system is also beneficial at airports with rubber removal rates up to 8,000 ft2/hr (1393 m2/hr) on asphalt and concrete runways.  The SK2000 efficiently cleans and rejuvenates runway centerline marking.

Model Advantages

  • Is easy and cost efficient to mobilize.
  • Removes waterborne paint with the least amount of negative impact to the surface.
  • Removes runway rubber deposits from grooved runways with the least amount of negative impact to the surface.
  • Removes paint from grooved runways with the least amount of negative impact to the surface.
  • Simultaneous vacuum recovery protects the environment and allows for application of new markings in 15-20 minutes on an average weather day.
  • Separates recovered water from recovered debris.
  • Disposes recovered water without requiring disposal of recovered debris.
  • Disposes solid debris in nearly dry state.
  • Custom component painting option supports company branding of end user.
  • UNX fluid end offers un-matched ease of maintenance in and out of the field saving time and money.