Numbers Don’t Lie: Stripe Hog SH8000R is the Truth

Water Blasting Job Scope Specs

Dates: January 23-26, 2011
Client: Axtell Asphalt
Truck Used: SH8000R
Location: Pensacola Regional Airport
Area: Approx. 200,000 sq. feet of runway rubber removal, paint washing and paint removal
Total Pump Time: 20.1 Hours
Water Used: Approx. 1 tank
Trips to Water Source: 1 (at the beginning of job)
Empties Required: 1 (at the end of job)
Florida’s panhandle recently got a taste of just how effective the ultra-high pressure Stripe Hog SH8000R mobile water blasting unit is. In late January, Pennsylvania-based contractor Axtell Asphalt tapped Paul Dubois with the Water Blasting Companies to assist in a runway overhaul at Pensacola Regional Airport.
Axtell was charged with laying new striping lines and doing asphalt work on the airport’s main runway and smaller hangars. But before the work could be executed, Axtell needed fresh asphalt on which to work. Achieving this so-to-speak “fresh” asphalt would entail removing the existing stripes and lines in addition to runway rubber removal. Plus, the runway needed to stay intact, usable, and ready for new applications as quickly as possible. It was job tailor-made for the Stripe Hog system.
Paul arrived on-site Monday morning and worked the truck for most of the day, logging just over 8 hours on its pump. The next day’s works were cancelled due to fog and rain, but by Wednesday, the sun was back out and crews were back to work. Paul logged another 6.7 hours on the truck’s pump that day. The project wrapped on Thursday, after another 5.3 hours were logged on the pump and from there, Paul drove the unit off-site to decant the tank.
So just how efficient was this job? Let’s take a look at those numbers again. 200,000 square feet of runway rubber removal, paint washing and paint removal took just over 20 hours, a single trip to fill water before the job started and a single trip to decant the wastewater – and let’s not forget: drying time with any Stripe Hog system is just 15-25 minutes on an average day. Not only did the SH8000R make excellent time throughout the project work, but its unique combination of UHP application and recycling technology maximized everything along the way. It saved crucial time by avoiding common time-killers like machine maintenance, trips to dump water, and tank fill-ups. In fact, the only delay the project saw while Paul was on-site was from Mother Nature! When you add it up, it’s hard to imagine not using the Stripe Hog SH8000R Waterblasting System.