Pavement Marking Tips from PIT Airfield Marking Symposium

Donna Speidel, President of Sightline, shared two take-away pieces of information from the airfield symposium that are equally important to both industry airports and contractors alike.


“When markings are applied well initially, cleaning them after one or more years can restore their effectiveness without painting.”

Donna also stated, “Applying markings well, like anything done well, requires training.  Once one understands the system, all it takes is practice.”

 Donna Speidel

The most recent Sightline Airfield Marking Symposium was last week, July 9-11, 2013, hosted at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

The two and a half day event started Tuesday night with a welcome reception sponsored by Waterblasting Technologies at PNC Park where attendees enjoyed club-level box seating while watching the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game.

PNC Park Club-Level View

This was a great kick-off to the event where industry colleagues had the chance to not only watch a great game, but also network and connect on various topics of conversation surrounding the many challenges of maintaining high quality pavement markings on airfields and runways around the world.

Wednesday and Thursday then covered best practices as related to airfield markings. Each morning of the event consisted of classroom theory.

Classroom theory was followed in the afternoon by field demonstrations including the Stripe Hog Waterblasting System, AirMark performed thermoplastic installation, RoboBeader technology, and application and inspection techniques.

We are always excited to participate in the Sightline Airfield Marking Symposium’s and this trip was definitely no exception! If you were unable to attend at Pittsburgh, the next symposium will be hosted by Minneapolis International Airport, September 24-26, 2013. We hope to see you there!