Waterblasting Technologies’ 4 Step Formula for Your Success!

Whether you currently own an ultra-high pressure water blaster for pavement marking removal or runway rubber removal or you are considering purchasing one, we trust you will find this information helpful to you!We have taken our many years of experience as water blasting contractors and as a manufacturer supporting other contractors and have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise that we’ve used to craft this program for our valued Stripe Hog owners.

This formula insures productivity, profitability, accountability, and minimal impact to any surface. Placing water blasting equipment in the hands of highly trained operators results in better surface profiles, safer operation, lower costs and increased efficiency. Too often operators underutilize the equipment, performing way below our systems’ potential. We have a mutually vested interest in maintaining the stellar reputation of this form of removal, and many times, this responsibility is left solely in the hands of operators.

These key components are the foundation of Waterblasting Technologies’ Formula for Success:

  1. Keep your Stripe Hog in good working order—included are pre-op checklist, maintenance matrix, and maintenance request forms.
  2. Use talented and licensed operators— to insure maximum results with minimal cost.
  3. Keep a mobile spare parts and tool system—make sure to have what you need when you need it.
  4. 24 Hour customer support— live tech support in 9 languages within 10 minutes.

Contact a Stripe Hog sales professional for more information.


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